Key Objectives of the Project

Supporting educators, youth workers, educational leaders and support staff

Increasing the levels of achievement and interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics

Develop Educational Content that focuses on digital skills acquisition and 21st century skills development in a remote environment.

Develop Training Content for Teachers that are going to implement the program

Design the tools: an online learning friendly portal hosting all the content that will be developed and a handy app that can be used offline by students and teachers.

Project deliverables and expected results

Deriving from the basic key objectives the expected results can be clearly defined and measured. High quality educational content and training material for educators to help them make learning inclusive, engaging and sociable. All the material will be offered online through a portal that will be designed based on teachers’ and students’ needs. As a result all the resources are going to be accessible enabling them to be flexible and creative according to their personal challenges and goals. As children use online platforms for distance learning, away from the classroom and with less adult supervision, there are important things to bear in mind about their safety so the app will help to overcome this barrier. Furthermore, learning is becoming this way more personalized and students’ progress at their own speed. Students can lead their own learning and become more confident on their learning journey, take on initiatives and enhance their 21st century skills. The shaping of online spaces, where learners design and code games and animations, either individually or together is an innovative initiative that emphasizes digital skills that are going to be even more necessary in the demanding future after the COVID 19 crsis. The practical resources will be a curriculum, exemplar lesson plans and associated resources, case studies and a training package, which have been successfully trialed. They will be made freely available to schools, regional authorities and training providers across the EU.

Video tutorials

TyB Curriculum

Dissemination and exploitation activities